If you have an old pine wood cabinet at home and the color has faded, do you know that you can actually recycle it instead of disposing it away?

A pine wood cabinet is a tough cabinet which can last many years. The cabinet can withstand the test of time unless something breaks it apart. However, the color of the cabinet may not last but will fade with time.

When the color starts to fade, it will cause the cabinet to look old, dull and dirty. By then, most homeowners would choose to dispose it away as it would be an awful sight if left in the house.

If you find that the cabinet is still in good condition, you can recycle it easily by applying it with a new coat of paint. If you like the old color, you can get the same color and re-apply on it.

However if you like something different, you can apply a little bit of creativity to make the cabinet looks more modern, more classical or more colorful.

To do this, all you need is to get some liquid based paints, sandpaper, portable vacuum, paint sprayer, furniture striper, brushes and rags to start the job. Remember to lay some newspapers on the floor before starting the job to prevent it from being dirties by the paints.

Here are some simple steps on how to give your old cabinet a new coating.
1. Remove all drawers from the wood cabinet and lay them on the floor.

2. Use a cement scraper to remove the old coating. Do this carefully and ensure that you do not damage the wood.

3. Use a rag and rub some striper to remove any stubborn coating on the wood. Allow the wood to dry up.

4. Use sandpaper to sand the wood till it is smooth.

5. Use a dry clean rag to dusk away all sanding residue on the wood until it is clean.

6. Use a paint sprayer to spray a coat of new paint on the wood and leave to dry. This may take a day to dry up completely.

7. Check the coating quality and color. If it is not to your requirement, apply another layer of coating and leave to dry. This may take another day.

8. If you want to create something different, use a fine brush and different colors to create your design on the cabinet.

9. Repeat the above step 2 to step 8 on the drawers that were taken out during step 1.

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